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Parents and carers are the child's first and most important teacher. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde wants to provide the best support so parents and carers can help their child learn about growing up, puberty, relationships and sexual health.

A total of 649 parents and carers took part in the Ask Parents research: 132 in group discussion, 148 in a one-to-one interview and 371 by completing an online survey.

Thank-you to everyone who has contributed. The Ask Parents findings are produced in the downloadable pdf chapters below.

Ask Parents Summary Report (2.6MB)
Introduction: Ask Parents (3.4MB)
Chapter 1: Parents of under 5s
Chapter 2: Parents of primary school age children
Chapter 3: Parents of secondary school age children
Chapter 4: Learning at school
Chapter 5: Digital lives
Chapter 6: Parental preferences for information and support
Chapter 7: The needs of specific groups of parents and carers

Ask Parents: Full Report (38MB)


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As a parent or carer you are your child’s first and most important teacher.

Your children watch and learn from everything you do and say.

Children and young people are exposed to messages about relationships, growing up and sexual health all the time on TV, in movies or magazines, online and from family and friends.

Young people have said that they want to learn about relationships, growing up and sexual health from parents and carers.

If you don’t tell them, someone else will.

If you have any questions for NHS GGC who commissioned the Ask Parents research please contact the Health Improvement Sexual Health Team at:

The Ask Parents research was conducted by independent company TASC Scotland.